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Tristram has painted throughout his life. Wildlife and portraiture have always been subjects of interest, however horses have been an ever present passion with historical or military themes and hunting and racing providing an abiding source of material. Tristram has hunted for over thirty years, the horses at home usefully doubling as models.
The incomparable National Hunt hero "Denman" was the subject of Tristram's first major sculpture in 2016. The 1/4th scale study of the much loved chaser was produced from life studies and many hours studio work. A life size equestrian bronze and numerous painting commissions and further bronzes have followed leading to his latest two editions of 9, a Thoroughbred study in 1/4th scale and a Lurcher Dog in 1/3rd scale, both cast at the World famous Morris Singer Foundry in Basingstoke. Tristram is passionate about equestrian form and strives to achieve sculptures which honestly convey the incomparable beauty of his equine subjects. His knowledge has developed through continuous study of historical information, first hand knowledge of horses, dissection of horses and the collection and study of quine parts including numerous skeletal parts.

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